domingo, dezembro 17, 2006

Copy the Nordic Solutions, Not the Problems!

Johnny Munkhammar do think-tank sueco Timbro, num discurso sobre os modelos nórdicos, por AA , em O Insurgente:
"Thus, the conclusion that can be drawn is that the Nordic countries built their first success when they were very market-oriented with low taxes and small government. And when they tried socialism, success faded and problems mounted. Now, they have made market-oriented reforms in completely different fields of society and created success: Finland in telecom, Denmark in the labour market, Iceland in banking, Sweden in private pensions, etc.

All this is really an empirical study in the success of the market and reforms liberating free exchange. It confirms numerous scientific studies about how low taxes bring high economic growth and how a free labour market creates more jobs. Sure other countries can learn from this. Avoid the socialist big welfare state and continue to do market-oriented reforms.

The Nordic countries teach both the lesson of avoiding big government –under its various names such as welfare state or social model– and that free-market reforms work. The Nordic countries have done very different reforms, and none of them – perhaps except Iceland – has been as reformist as Ireland, Britain, Estonia, or Slovakia and have thus not had equally positive results."

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